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Every time I go to your circles there is amazing energy. Always different, but similar at the same time. I always feel so weightless and free after one of your circles and feel a little bit more like ME. The connection I feel with these like-minded women remind me I am not alone, and we all need a community to heal, to be heard, be seen, to learn, and to unlearn. I look forward to these moments of peace and reconnection to my deepest self every month.

- Mary Holmes

These circles are powerful, beautiful, indescribable moments where time stands still and all that’s left is you and your wild, feminine soul. They leave you with a sense of healing, pride, purpose and with a new direction in life. You leave your insecurities at the door and are met with open welcoming arms in a circle that is there for you as much as you are for them. So much work is done in these two hours that I’ll continue to go again and again because my soul so desperately needs this and I know others do too!

- Tara Franklin

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