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Updated: Mar 8, 2021

The Earth is breathing...

I'd like to invite you to take a slow inhale.

As you begin to breathe the fresh air into your lungs, imagine a time-lapsed season of spring happening inside of you. Shoots rocket out of the soil, flower buds burst into bloom, the barren winter landscape turns to bright shades of green, pinks, and yellows. The Earth is alive.

As the air fills your lungs, the season shifts to summer. Lush greens, bountiful gardens, the warm sun illuminating the Earth and nourishing its creatures who are pulsing with creative energy and adventure. At the top of your breath, life is at its fullest potential.

Now as you begin to exhale, your internal season changes to autumn. The fruits of spring and summer's labor are harvested, the trees and plants shed their leaves and drop their seeds, projects come to completion, and preparations begin for the slow, cold months ahead.

At the end of your exhale, you have arrived in winter. The landscape is grey with the skeletons of trees and plants appearing frozen in time, animals retreat inward and begin hibernation, and life on Earth has slowed down so much that it almost appears lifeless.

That is, until spring emerges, and the cycle begins once again.

The Earth and all of its creatures live in this exquisitely designed cycle, and it can be found sustaining life in the most vast and microscopic forms in the known universe.

And yet it's a cycle that a lot of us humans are not fully tapping into.

It’s not that we are immune or separate from these cycles of nature, but rather our modern lifestyles, demanding careers, and technologies are designed in ways that make it very difficult to recognize and honor them.

We all generally live in rhythm with the sun, its rising and setting being the framework of our daily schedules, when to wake and sleep, etc.

But what if we could tap into more?

What if we could align with the natural rhythms of the seasons and create a life that doesn't expect high levels of energy all month/year long, and made times of rest and reflection just as important as those of creation?

In the last half of 2020, I pushed myself way too hard.

I was juggling raising my three young children, managing my homestead, and growing a brand new business, all while trying to navigate the collective's stress and panic around the year's events (which was enough to make any of us burn out).

I was in go-mode all the time. I wasn’t carving out time for rest and rejuvenation, and my stress and anxiety was through the roof.

So I did what always helps me come back into alignment: I took some lessons from nature.

Some simple ways to help realign with the rhythms of nature

Look to the seasons

We are in the middle of winter here in Virginia. The season to slow down, rest, go inward, reflect on the seasons before and dream for the seasons to come.

So while I have a ton of inspiration swirling around for new remedies to craft and ideas to build up the new moss & violet website, I'm allowing myself this time to rest instead of create.

Mother Nature isn't blooming all year round, and neither should we.

Look to the moon

Whether you're a subscriber to astrology or believe that the moon has an effect on us or not, it is still a beautiful cycle to inspire our phases of creation and rest.

Mirroring the larger scale cycle of the Earth's seasons, the month long cycles of the moon has phases of setting intentions, celebrating achievements and growth, gratitude and slowing down, and resting and recharging.

I love aligning myself with Mama Moon (as my kiddos like to call her). The length of her cycle is a really obtainable framework for structuring my goals and projects, both with my home and my business.

And, who doesn't love a little injection of moon magic into our lives?

Women, track your menstrual cycles!

Embarrassingly as it is to admit, it took me until my 34th year of life to start tracking my menstrual cycle. And now that I've discovered this inner well of magic, I want to shout from my cabin rooftop about this amazing tool that women are rarely taught to use.

Our menstrual cycles give us insight into our health, allow us to regain power over our fertility, and tap into our inner feminine wisdom.

What do I love best about it?

The four phases of your menstrual cycle are your body’s inner seasons, mirroring the cycles of the seasons and of the moon.

The follicular phase is your inner spring, ovulation is your inner summer, luteal is your inner fall, and menstruation is your inner winter.

And the levels of energy, creativity, and introspection follow the same pattern of the cycles and seasons of the moon and Earth.

AND, as if that isn't magical enough for you, many of us align with the moon's cycle, ovulating when she is full and menstruating when she is new.

Mind. Blown.

Harnessing the natural strengths of each of these phases in my cycle and planning my months in accordance with these phases has completely overhauled my life.

Take small steps to realign with nature and rewild your life

While it might be impractical to dedicate creative projects only to the summer time, or take the week of our menstrual phase off of work to rest and meditate, there are still small, obtainable tweaks that we can make to better align with these cycles of nature.

Maybe that looks like holding off on that New Years resolution until the spring time when our bodies are naturally more inclined to begin new endeavors.

Or scheduling that big sales pitch for when you are ovulating, full of creative energy and beaming with an irresistible glow.

However you're able to incorporate these rhythms, try taking the time to honor where you are in your daily, monthly or yearly cycle, and don’t force creation if you are in a time of rest.

We mustn't forget that while we live in modern lives, with technology and careers and never before navigated varieties of stress, we are still simply animals living upon the Earth.

And the more we are able to plug back into nature, the more we can begin to rewild ourselves back into the natural rhythms and cycles that so beautifully sustain life.

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