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Updated: Sep 1

Intertwined with honeysuckle and blackberry vines, wild raspberry and wild rose make themselves known along the forest edges. They grow together almost everywhere you look around our property, and when two plants find each other and grow together in this way, I always stop and listen.

Strong allies for the physical and energetic hearts and wombs, wild raspberry and wild rose are beautifully healing plants for the most powerful forces in a woman’s body, and I knew that something truly magical could be created with this combination of plants. So I gathered the raspberry’s silvery leaves, her sticky sweet berries, and handfuls of delicate wild rose petals and began crafting an oxymel (herbs infused in vinegar and honey) to best extract their healing gifts.

Most times, when I set out to create an offering, I have a clear vision of what she will become. Her name, her intention, she usually calls to me right away. But for months I gently shook the infusing medicine, waiting for her to call to me but sensing that I needed to be more patient. I strained her, bottled her, even came up with another name with labels and everything but, something didn’t sit right. It wasn’t until after a Circles on the Moss women’s circle where I finally knew.

In circle alongside powerful wild women, we took a deep dive into the heart to womb connection, also called the Uterine Vessel or in Chinese Medicine the “Bao Mai.” We learned about this channel, and how so many emotions, traumas, experiences, and energies are stored in these two vessels. We spoke about how intrinsically they are connected, how what is too heavy for the heart to hold, she sends to our wombs, how we hold not only the energies of our own experiences but also those of our mothers and grandmothers before us, and how critical it is for our emotional and physical wellbeing that this channel is nourished and restored.

And that’s when I finally heard her call. I knew that that these wild bramble sisters were calling to be crafted together to help bring balance and support this sacred connection of our hearts and wombs. And so Heart to Womb was born.

Plant Gifts:

Wild raspberry leaves have been historically gathered and crafted into teas and tonics for women to strengthen and tone the womb, restore hormonal balance, and ease premenstrual discomforts. Her many vitamins and minerals support our bodies before, during, and after pregnancy, and can even promote and enrich breast milk. Her juicy wild raspberries embody all things Feminine, fertility, and protection for women and our wombs.

The delicate heart-shaped petals of wild rose are used to heal symptoms of the physical and emotional heart by easing feelings of grief, anxiety, and heartache. With the highest vibrational level of all plants wild rose can help uplift your spirit, ease tension, and since she is also an aphrodisiac, inspire feelings of love and lust.

These heart and womb healing plants were slow infused in raw organic apple cider vinegar and raw local honey to create a sweet, tangy, and magical tonic to help nourish and strengthen these sacred power centers in our bodies.

How to enjoy:

Herbal oxymels can be taken straight or added to flavor / re-mineralize water, tea, or your favorite cocktail/mocktail.

Use intuitively and with full bodily autonomy and sovereignty.

All herbs used to create Moss & Violet's offerings are sustainably and ethically wild harvested, garden grown, and/or sourced from local herbalists and herb farmers. Each offering is handcrafted by Chelsea in small batches and infused with love & forest magic.

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