• Chelsea Tyreman

Kitchen Herbs for Colds & Flus

How's your summer going, friends?

Unfortunately I've been hit with a nasty summer cold 😑 It's been literally years since I've been this sick, and it's had me pulling out all the herbal-remedy stops to try and support my body as it heals.

What this cold has taught me, or rather reminded me of, is the common kitchen herbs that are also incredibly medicinal and helpful for treating cold and flu symptoms! Since there are colds definitely going around, I thought I'd pop in to share some often overlooked kitchen remedies that you can use to help get yourself or your family through a cold or flu. Now y'all know I still dragged my weak, feverish self out to the yard to harvest mullein, yarrow, pine, and other medicinal herbs to try and fight off this cold, but I was really glad that I could also lean on these handful of common kitchen spices on the days when foraging around in the yard just wasn't an option.. Here are some of the remedies I used to fight off my summer cold:

  • Garlic: Strong antiviral and antimicrobial properties can help fight infection in the body. It can also boost and support the immune system. Best and simplest way to receive the medicine is by eating a raw clove or two, but you can also incorporate garlic into meals to get yourself a dose. A simple herbal oil made with garlic and mullein flowers can be used to treat ear and sinus infections.

  • Raw Honey: Calms a sore throat or cough, fight infection both internally and externally, and is a natural energy booster. A spoonful straight or added to hot tea is very soothing. Honey infused with other illness fighting herbs is also very supportive for healing.

  • Thyme: Part of the legendary "thieves" recipe for combatting the plague, thyme is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal, and one of the best kitchen herbs for respiratory infections. It can help support a cough by breaking down mucus in the lungs to make for a more productive cough. A simple thyme tea with honey can really help a sore throat or chest, or I also highly recommend a thyme facial steam.

  • Ginger: Warming and stimulating, ginger can help to open up the cells in our bodies to help release infections. It can also help soothe a sore throat, relieve nausea, increase circulation, and provide an overall warming feeling to the body. Add fresh ginger to your soup or in a tea with some honey.

Healing from common colds & flus doesn't have to be complicated. It doesn't have to be expensive, in the form of pills, fancy supplements or equipment. It doesn't have to be outsourced to someone or something that will try to suppress your symptoms rather than support them. And, it doesn't have to be done in fear. It can be as simple as a hot cup of tea with herbs picked from your windowsill kitchen garden, a nourishing broth, and a few days to fully rest and heal using tried and true home remedies. And remember, don't ever say "I'm sick." Instead, say "I'm healing." Words manifest, loves.

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