The Mother | A crafting story


She is

Abundant. The Feminine embodied. Overflowing with fullness, warmth, and unconditional love.

She is

A Creatrix. Conceiving, gestating, birthing, and nurturing ideas and beings into existence.

She is

Powerful. Alchemizing passion into person, ripping stretching pain into pleasure, transforming from girl to woman with a roar heard round the Earth.

She is

Primal. Tantalizing and sweet. Ripe with pleasure, divinity, and seduction. She has sex and milk and blood dripping from every sway of her rocking hips.

She is


She is

Full bloom Goddess

She is



Inspired by the abundance of the summer forest and the fullness of womanhood, I set out to craft a botanical bitters to embody the Mother archetype to follow my spring bitters, The Maiden. I wanted to create an offering that we women could use to tap into the rich and fertile energies of summer, the grounding energies of love and acceptance, and to nourish and nurture our bodies during our motherhood season of life. The Mother was created and oh is she sweet, luscious, and bursting with femininity.

The Mother Archetype:

The second of the three female archetypes that shape our menstrual cycle and phases of our lives as women, the Mother archetype is the provider of nourishment, love, tenderness, and acceptance. Her energy fuels creativity and birthing, whether that be children or creative ventures, and supports you unconditionally as you manifest your visions into reality. The Mother is the ultimate symbol for abundance, fertility, and nourishment. Her energies swirl around us during ovulation, the full moon, the second trimester of pregnancy, the warm heat of summer, and during our motherhood season of life.

Plant Gifts:

The Mother features the wild raspberry leaves and juicy berries that line the bramble edges of the summer forest. Embodying all things Feminine, raspberries are a magical symbol for femininity, sexuality, and motherhood. Her frosty green leaves have been historically gathered and crafted into teas and tonics for women to strengthen and tone the womb, restore hormonal balance, and ease premenstral discomforts. Her many vitamins and minerals support our bodies before, during, and after pregnancy, and can even promote and enrich breast milk.

Dandelion and yellow dock root were selected for their bitter flavor profile and to add grounding, Mother Earth medicine to the elixir. Both roots gently stimulate digestion, ease heartburn sometimes felt during pregnancy, and help to cleanse the liver which in turn promotes healthy hair and glowing skin; helping you feel radiant and beautiful during this inner summer season.

To promote fertility, move the lymphatic system, and add healing vitamins and minerals to the body, deep purple red clover blossoms were added straight from the forest meadow. Her delicate, yoni-shaped flowers infuse even more feminine magic to the elixir.

And lastly, no elixir for this Goddess-embodied phase of life would be complete without rose. Of the same family as the raspberry, roses are the highest vibrational plant on Earth. She helps open and uplift the heart, provides healing comfort in times of anxiety and grief, and invokes feelings of beauty and lust.

All of these wild harvested fruits and botanicals were slow infused in 100 proof vodka with a touch of raw unfiltered honey to add some luscious sweetness to the elixir, with a palm-sized rose quartz that sat atop the jar for even more love and feminine energies.

How to enjoy:

Botanical bitters can be taken intuitively and ritually to tap into and nourish your body’s inner mother season. Bitters can also be added to add a depth of flavor to sparkling water, tea, or your favorite mocktail or cocktail.

Bitters are also traditionally used for digestive support and can be taken before or after meals to soothe indigestion, bloating, or other digestive issues.

Use intuitively and with full bodily autonomy and sovereignty.

All herbs used to create Moss & Violet's offerings are sustainably and ethically wild harvested, garden grown, and/or sourced from local herbalists and herb farmers. Each offering is handcrafted by Chelsea in small batches and infused with love & forest magic.

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