Your Womb Remembers.

Reconnecting with the heart & womb.

I’ve recently begun a nightly routine of connecting to my womb, just before falling asleep, in that sweet spot in between consciousness and unconsciousness when I feel like I can really drop into the messages coming in for me.

I was lying in bed with my hands resting in an upside-down triangle shape over my womb, just breathing, tapping in, listening for what she may need to tell me.

My thoughts started drifting and for some reason I found myself thinking about a very big, life trajectory altering break up that I went through almost 15 years ago.

I was trying to recall the details..I could remember bits and pieces, like flashes of a movie: the horrible night I told him it was over, my dad helping me pack up my things from the apartment, the moment I removed my engagement ring and left it in his bedside drawer as I was walking out the door…but I couldn’t remember the drive home with the moving truck, where I even stayed that night, how long it took me to find my own apartment. It was all a complete blank.

And as my mind searched the caverns of my memories trying to recall these lost details, asking myself why can’t I remember.. I was interrupted by these words echoing through my body:


My womb. She was speaking to me. She jolted me out of my rabbit hole and right back to her. What my heart has forgotten, She remembers.

A couple months ago in circle we explored the energetic channel that connects our hearts and our wombs, also called the Uterine Vessel or in Chinese Medicine, the Bao Mai.

Our hearts and our wombs are both hollow organs, which energetically means they are places that can hold experiences, emotions, and traumas. But oftentimes the emotions and experiences that are too much for our hearts to process are sent down this channel into our wombs to be held and stored here, far away from the heart.

Unresolved traumas and emotions not just of our own but also those of our mothers and grandmothers, what centuries of our ancestors have passed down to us, our wombs hold.

Energies and unprocessed emotions of lovers, past and present, consensual and non-consensual, our wombs hold.

Energies and unprocessed emotions of medical practitioners, traumatic procedures and experiences, our wombs hold.

What is too heavy for our hearts to bear, our wombs hold.

What is too much for our hearts to remember, our wombs remember.

When I thought about all of this, with my hands still holding my womb, I felt my heart break.

That breakup was undoubtedly a huge experience, loaded with emotions and grief that must have been too big for me to process at the time, so down to my womb it all went, to be held until the time comes that I can process them and let them go.

There is SO much that women hold and carry with us in our hearts and our wombs.

And this energetic connection would explain why if we’re navigating heavy emotions, grief, or stress, we’ll experience painful menstrual cramps. Or an extremely heavy flow, or skip a bleed altogether. Or we realize we haven’t ovulated in months or years. Or we experience numbness and a complete lack of connection to our sexuality.

It explained why my womb called out to me.

If these unprocessed emotions and experiences are not tended to, the heart womb connection will be strained and weakened.

I believe in order to access our full power, pleasure, abundance, and fulfillment as women, we must tend to the deepest and darkest corners of our hearts and our wombs.

I’d love to share with you some of the ways that I have been tuning in and strengthening my own connection to my heart and womb.

Healing Practices to reconnect with our hearts and wombs

  • Meditation & Intuitive movement

A really simple practice but a great place to start would be simply getting into a comfortable position, whether sitting or lying down, with your hands on your heart and womb, and just breathing here. Opening and softening into these sacred spaces of your body, creating time and space for yourself to tune in. If you feel called to move, stretch, roll your hips, anything that helps move the energy in these spaces, do so. Listen to your intuition here and be open to receiving what your body has to offer you.

  • Tune into your menstrual cycle

My life has literally changed since I started tuning into the seasons and gifts of my menstrual cycle. You can begin by keeping a daily journal where you can jot down what day you are in your cycle, your mood, energy levels, anything physical you may be experiencing, and anything that is on your mind and heart. After a few cycles of journaling, you’ll begin to notice when you shift into the different inner seasons, what days you feel most creative, what days you need a little more rest, etc. This will give you a road map for your body that you can use to create a life and schedule that works best for you, and it's an incredible tool to begin tuning into your womb.

  • Intuitive Breast Massage

I once saw a woman on social media refer to breasts as “the antlers of the heart,” and I just love this visual. Our breasts are an extension of our heart chakra, like an antenna, and a way for our body to give and receive love. Having a simple, intuitive breast massage routine for yourself will not only help you create a beautifully healing relationship with your breasts, but it will also move and cleanse the lymphatic system and stimulate blood flow to this area. Using an herbal infused oil can help bring even more magic and healing to this practice.

  • Intuitive Womb Massage

This is something that just feels so nourishing and healing, especially before or during your bleeding time. Womb massage can be used to move stagnant energies and emotions, help ease menstrual cramps, encourage the womb to shift into her optimal position, and truly helps you tap into your womb by sending her healing through safe, loving touch. Again, this is a very intuitive practice. Listen to your body and do what feels best for you. You can incorporate your womb massage into your breast massage or create a separate practice with an herbal infused oil specific for womb healing.

  • Nourish your heart and womb

A depleted heart and womb, both energetically and physically, will need the most support. Create time to nourish these sacred parts of our bodies through abundant nutrition, doing what you love, prioritizing rest, creating and respecting your own boundaries, and learning how to process big emotions before they get sent down to be held in your womb. You can also lean on herbal allies like rose, red raspberry leaf, hawthorn, mugwort to name a few that have an affinity for the heart and womb.

We hold a lot, women. A lot of emotions, a lot of experiences, but also a lot of power.

Let’s nourish these Feminine power centers and see how the magic ripples out into our lives.

May we heal, may we rise, may we remember.

May it be so.

In sisterhood,



Offerings from the apothecary that were formulated to nourish the heart and womb:

Resources and other wise women to look to for womb healing:

Bethany Wilde: Bethany Wilde | Mentor for Women's Wellness Practitioners and her book, Pelvic Awakening: Connecting to Your Female Center for Transformation, Healing, and Joy: Wilde, Bethany: 9781736226124: Books and her podcast: Rooted Woman • A podcast on Anchor

Quiddest Ashe: The Womb Room and her podcast Podcast — The Womb Room

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