Backyard Balm | Itch & Bug Bite Relief Salve

Backyard Balm | Itch & Bug Bite Relief Salve


Convenient and easy to apply herbal infused salve to bring for those day-to-day bug bites, stings, or scrapes that come with the outdoor recreation in the warmer months.


Crafted with plantain and chickweed infused oils, Backyard Balm can help calm and relieve itchy and inflamed rashes or bug bites, draw out infection or toxins from insect stings, draw out splinters, and help to heal minor cuts and scrapes.


The salve comes in a paper push tube, similar to a lip balm tube, and is the perfect size for a purse, first aid kit, backpack for camping, pocket, or diaper bag (it works wonders on diaper rashes, too!)


Backyard Balm is crafted with ZERO essential oils, 100% all wild harvested and organic ingredients, and slowly solar infused with love and magic.


.5oz compostible paper push tube

  • Recommended Use

    Apply as needed to affected areas.

  • Ingredients

    Whole plant infusions of wild harvested chickweed and plantain infused in organic olive oil, organic beeswax