Elda Mor | Elder Flower Tincture

Elda Mor | Elder Flower Tincture


Allow the spirit of Elda Mor, the Elder Tree Mother and guardian of the elder's medicine, support your body through illness with this fresh elder flower tincture.


Wild elder flower tincture is a wonderful remedy for all ages to support the fever process and allow heat to escape the body. This tincture can also be used to soothe inflammation, boost immunity, and shorten the duration of colds & flus.


Elda Mor elder flower tincture is an incredibly healing addition to your home apothecary.


2oz clear glass dropper bottle.

  • Recommended Dosage

    For adults, 1-2 dropper fulls to support a high fever. For infants and children, 1 drop per lb of body weight.

    Can be taken under the tongue or added to warm water or tea. Repeat as often as needed. Fever usually begins to decrease within a few hours of the first dose.

  • Ingredients

    Wild harvested fresh elder flowers, locally distilled vodka. 

  • Notes

    I encourage you to listen to your body when using herbal remedies and do your own research regarding which herbs may or may not be best for you. Some people choose to consult a medical professional before using an herbal remedy, but ultimately you are in charge of your own body.