Full Moon | Sacred Cycle Womb Salve

Full Moon | Sacred Cycle Womb Salve


Honor and support your womb with herbs long used by women as part of their menstrual self-care rituals.


Rub lovingly on your abdomen to ease cramps, move stagnant blood and energy from your womb, and form a layer of protection around you as you bleed and rest during your sacred moon time.


Full Moon is crafted with ZERO essential oils, 100% all wild harvested and organic ingredients, and slowly solar infused with love and magic.


1oz black metal tin with lid.

  • How To Use

    Lovingly apply and massage to womb area. Use intuitively. 

  • Ingredients

    Whole plant infusions of wild harvested mugwort, yarrow, garden harvested rose petals infused in organic olive oil, beeswax.