Ghost Pipe | Flower Essence

Ghost Pipe | Flower Essence


Pushing up through layers of rich soil and decaying leaves blooms the ethereal bell-shaped flowers of Ghost Pipe. These hauntingly beautiful plants survive through complex underground relationships with the forest floor, feeding not from sunlight but from neighboring trees and mushrooms. The lack of chlorophyl gives the Ghost Pipe, also known as Corpse Plant, its ghost-white stalks and petals that is truly a sacred and magical sight to behold in the dark corners of the forest.


Ghost Pipe's medicine is an ally for those in the midst of birth/death/rebirth cycles. She can help us navigate the shadows of our souls, allowing us to dive below the surface to uncover deeply buried fears and traumas..helping us let go of patterns that no longer serve, help to move stuck energies, and allow us to become more aligned in our truths.


This flower essence was crafted using a no-pick technique, allowing the plant to remain intact while its essence is infused into the water. Two-three delicate blooms were gently dipped into fresh country well water and left to infuse in the summer moon light and early morning sun light. A light and gentle rain passed through the forest, adding a touch of rain magic to the essence as well.


1oz frosted black glass dropper bottle.

  • Recommended Dosage

    1-5 drop dose under the tongue or added to water. Take for a few days and notice any shifts in your body. Continue taking until you no longer feel the need for its healing. Use very intuitively. 

    Gently tap the bottle 3 times before taking a dose. 

  • Ingredients

    Moon and morning sun infused ghost pipe flower essence, well water, fresh rain water, locally distilled vodka