Wild Lymph | Breast & Lymphatic Massage Salve

Wild Lymph | Breast & Lymphatic Massage Salve


Whole plant infused oil of spring wildflowers & herbs crafted into a salve designed to stimulate the lymphatic system.


When the internal waters of the body are flowing freely, the body is able to remove toxins & bacteria, reduce inflammation, clear up skin conditions, & boost immunity.


These herbs are also incredible medicine for breast health and can help break down and dissolve cysts and nourish the skin.


The salve comes in a paper push tube, similar to a lip balm tube, which makes for easy application and the perfect size for a travel bag or purse.


Wild Lymph is crafted with ZERO essential oils, 100% all wild harvested and organic ingredients, and slowly solar infused with love and magic.


.5oz compostible paper push tube

  • Recommended Use

    Apply liberally to breasts, underarms, neck, and other lymph node areas of the body.  Use daily for best results.

  • Ingredients

    Whole plant infusions of wild harvested violet leaves and flowers, dandelion flowers, and cleavers infused in organic olive oil, organic beeswax