Wild Woman | Women's Health & Wellness Tonic

Wild Woman | Women's Health & Wellness Tonic


Wild Woman is here to support your body during all of its sacred phases through the herbal ways of the wise women.


Wild Woman infuses wild plants, roots, berries and honey in apple cider vinegar to create a sweet and tangy tonic crafted to nourish the female body. She can be taken to:


  • Receive essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidents to suport strength, energy levels, immunity, and reduce inflammation in the female body
  • Strengthen and tone the muscles of the uterus
  • Balance hormonal changes due to pregnancy, postpartum, or menopause life phases
  • Ease menstrual related cramping, bloating, or feelings of anger or frustration
  • Support and move the lymphatic system to promote breast health


4oz clear bottle with lid.

  • Recommended Dosage

    1-2 tablespoons a day for overall health & wellness. Use intuitively. 

    Wise Woman can also be added to sparkling water, cocktails, or other beverages to add sweet and tangy nourishment.

    Shake well before use, refrigerate or keep in a cool, dark place.

  • Ingredients

    Wild harvested raspberry leaf & berries, stinging nettle, dandelion root flowers & leaves, violet leaf & flowers, wild rose petals & hips, raw apple cider vinegar, local raw wild rose honey

  • Notes

    I encourage you to listen to your body when using herbal remedies and do your own research regarding which herbs may or may not be best for you. Some people choose to consult a medical professional before using an herbal remedy, but ultimately you are in charge of your own body.